Wonderland Marketplace

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Project History
Conproco was contacted by Russo Barr Associates to assess the condition of the entire back wall of Wonderland Marketplace, as the existing coatings and paints were failing. The existing base coating was an elastomeric type (which likely had a very low Moisture Vapor Transmission rating), that displayed bubbling and failure throughout the wall. This material was then coated with a rigid acrylic paint, which cracked and peeled dramatically, as it proved to be incompatible with the flexible coating beneath it. The contractor, has a lengthy track record of success with Conpro Lastic, and felt confident that they could perform the work and eliminate the water entry and peeling issues. After mechanically removing the existing base coating and elastomeric paint. The block was pressure washed and treated with Point 5 primer. Conpro Lastic was then hand brushed in every horizontal joint before two final coats were spray applied and back-rolled. This provided an excellent protective layer of coating.

Conpro Lastic
Conpro Point 5
PJ Spillane
Co., Inc.
Everett, MA
Russo Barr
Associates Inc.,
Burlington, MA
Boston, MA
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