Winchester Arms

Project History
Winchester Repeating Arms Company, famous for manufacturing the “Gun that Won the West”,
set up shop in downtown New Haven, CT in 1847. Business boomed and by the 1870s,
“Winchester” was famous the world over for quality, service and craftsmanship. In 1988, the
Winchester Repeating Arms Company Historic District was listed on the National Register of
Historic Places. Its New Haven plant closed in 2006 and factory spaces fell into disrepair until
developers made plans to transform the dilapidated building complex into one of New Haven’s
newest neighborhoods, Winchester Lofts.
The interior was completely gutted and the spalled, deteriorated concrete on the floor slabs,
beams, columns and window openings was repaired. Conpro Set was used for hand applied
repairs. Forment ® was selected for larger areas where forming and pouring is more practical
and cost-effective.
The exterior concrete columns and spandrels were repaired using ECB rebar coating and
Gunshot LPS then coated with Conpro Lastic. The original brick infills were partially demolished
to allow for larger windows. The remaining brick areas under the window sill and above the
spandule beam were refaced with Structural Skin ® to stabilize, strengthen and fill voids from
deteriorating mortar joint and then coated with Conpro Lastic to further protect and waterproof it.
Ultimately this system was more cost effective than repointing and provided a cleaner,
more contemporary monolithic appearance the architect was looking for.

Gun Shot LPS
Forment ®
Conpro Set
Structural Skin ®
K-88 Admix
Conpro Lastic
Phase 1 –
Summit Restoration,
West Haven, CT
Phase 2 –
Armani Restoration Inc.,
Hartford CT
Building Façade Design
Wessling Architects, Quincy, MA
Garvin Construction
North Haven, CT
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