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Project History
The University of Rhode Island’s Kingston campus is located in quiet Washington County. The Memorial Union building is the hub of the campus. It houses restaurants, classroom and retail space, offices and the campus ballroom. It was originally built in 1954, with additions and renovations made in 1963 and 1991. The building was dedicated as a memorial to members of the college community killed during service in World War II and the Korean War. The building’s existing coating was allowing water penetration through the masonry. Mold was evident in areas. URI also wanted to brighten up the building, which appeared older than it was. URI had used Conpro Lastic on three previous buildings, and felt confident that it would perform well. The building was power washed to remove mold and loose coating. Spot repointing was completed. Two coats of Conpro Lastic were applied, providing a waterproof membrane. Conpro Lastic is mildew resistant and water vapor permeable. Conpro Lastic also wears well in seacoast areas.

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