University Plaza

Project History
The University Plaza Building, designed by noted architect Marcus T. Reynolds, was constructed between 1914 – 1918. The design of this building is a unique blend of traditional Gothic architecture with a modern reinforced concrete and steel frame. John G. Waite Associates used historic photographs to reconstruct the cast stone finials that had been removed during a 1970 renovation. The exterior façade is granite with cast stone door surrounds, copings, finials and pinnacles. Each block was examined to record a basis for repair or replacement. Many of the stones were cracked due to rusting elements or disintegrated from leaching of binders. Stone not replaced or repaired with dutchman was repaired with MIMIC, a cementitious stone repair mortar. The substrate was treated with Conpro Start, a consolident, to strengthen the cast stone. The exposed aggregate finish was reproduced by topically applying a special aggregate to the surface of the repair mortar.

Conpro Start
Matrix (MIMIC)
John G. Waite
Albany, NY
Ryan-Biggs Associates,
Troy, NY
Western Building
Albany, NY
Building Supply,
Albany, NY
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