Terra-Color is a 100% acrylic waterproof paint-like coating that recreates the color and pattern (faux finish) of terracotta before application of Terracotta Finish. Terra-Color can be used to create colored glaze finishes for brick and terracotta repair.  We always recommend a two-coat application of coatings.  For best results brush apply a uniform 8 mils. wet thickness.  Terra-Color Coat can be reapplied when dry to the touch.  Check Product Curing Time Guide for complete details.  Terra-Color comes in both smooth and sanded textures in 1 gallon quantities and is available in 14 standard colors and custom color matching.


Other Conproco products that can be used with Terra-Color


Matrix – use to repair larger voids and damaged areas.

Terracotta Finish – applied over cured Terra-Color to achieve depth seen in most terracotta glazes or to recreate fire skin on brick. 

Apply: Brush
Colors: Available in 14 Standard Colors – See Masonry Series.  Contact Customer Service for more information about Custom Color Matching for this product.
Texture: Smooth or Sanded