Super Seal

Conpro Super Seal stops water infiltration by growing a crystalline structure in the capillaries of concrete. The crystals block the capillaries and prevent water from passing. Conpro Super Seal is available in both white and gray powder and is mixed with water and Conpro Super Seal Admix to a slurry consistency. It is essential that the substrate surface is open so the crystals can grow into the capillaries. A smooth, dense surface will prevent the crystals from growing into the substrate. Remove the cement paste from the concrete to expose the aggregate by sand blasting or high pressure water blasting. Use a drywall brush or long handle brush and apply in a circular or figure 8 pattern. Two coats are required. Additional coats may be applied if water penetration persists. Mist frequently for 72 hours.

Colors:  Comes in Gray or White.

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