Seiji Ozawa Music Hall

Project History
Tanglewood’s new structure has thick side walls of concrete block grouted to super density. The design
specifications called for an interior finish of 1 to 3 inches of stucco, though this was found to have neither the adhesion or flexibility to handle the average freeze/thaw conditions common to the Berkshire Mountains.
The solution was trowel applications of Conpro One Coat, a polymer-modified cement concentrate, followed by Structural Skin, fiber-reinforced cement coating, and topped with Conpro Flex, a flexible stucco finish for durability, color-fastness, and excellent freeze/thaw resistance. To conform to the acoustician’s specifications, the finish had to be tapered from a 1 inch thick coating at the top to a 3 inch thick finish at the floor.
This was accomplished by the carpenters shooting cleated wooden screeds into the block to “panelize” the areas and guide the depth of application for the Conproco materials.

Conpro One Coat
Structural Skin
William Rawn
Boston, MA
Structural Engineer
Cambridge, MA
General Contractor
Co., Inc.,
Boston, MA