RePoint is produced as a both Type N and Type O mortar.  It is available in 11 standard colors and can be color-matched to the existing mortar joint. RePoint eliminates the tricky process of on-site color addition. The minimum order quantity for RePoint is one 5-gallon pail (50 lbs.).  This smaller than usual minimum order quantity can result in a significant savings in material cost when the job is relatively small.  For larger jobs RePoint can be packaged in 50 pound bags or 3000 pound super-sacks.


Other Conproco Products that can be used with RePoint

Conpro Start – consolident used to increase surface density of substrates by reacting with calcium

Apply:  brick jointer, pointing trowel

Colors: Available in 11 Standard Colors – Masonry Restoration (K1-K11). Contact Customer Service for more information about Custom Color Matching for this product.

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