Radnor Corporate Center

Project History
Radnor Corporate Center is a suburban office park comprised of five buildings situated on a rolling 58-acre estate. The property is located along the “Main Line” in Radnor Township, a highly desirable and prestigious suburban office location. The previous owner, The Rubenstein Company was frustrated by dirt pick-up on Building 1, which had been coated with an elastomeric paint prior to Conproco’s involvement. Building 1 looked good at first, but the elastomeric coating quickly re-stained in the same upside-down “V” patterns below the weeps in the continuous window systems. Samples of M3P and M3P Stain were applied on pavers to illustrate color and hiding. Pressure washing and chemical cleaners removed some, but not all, of the years of staining. Two coats of M3P Stain provided the best balance of hiding the remainder of the stains and retaining a natural, unpainted appearance.

M3P Stain
Previous Owner
The Rubenstein
Philadelphia, PA
Current Owner
Realty Trust,
Radnor, PA

TB Philly, Inc.,
Phoenixville, PA