Walnut 32 (parking garage)

Walnut 32

Project History

Still in use after over 50 years, Walnut 32 is one of two dozen parking garages on the University of Pennsylvania campus and is considered a historically significant structure. The Stonehenge-like freestanding brick panels climb with the parking deck and anchor both sides of the poured in place concrete framework spanning the entire length of the structure.
The main reason for concrete failure in many structures, and common in 50 year old buildings exposed to the elements, is corrosion of reinforcing steel. Further corrosion of the rebar was prevented by treating it with Conproco ECB, a zinc-rich acrylic coating.
Once the concrete surfaces were prepared, Conpro Set, a polymer modified repair mortar, was trowel-applied to vertical repairs. Deeper overhead repairs to the parking decks were creatively resolved by using forms and funnels to pour Conproco’s Forment® through the upper deck to the repair areas below.
The façade was pre-treated with Primex, a clear penetrating mineral silicate primer, to provide uniform substrate absorption. The final step in the overall renovation was applying M3P Stain, a semitransparent, potassium silicate, water repellent stain, to provide uniform color and long term protection.

Consulting Architect
Paul Steege Associates
Philadelphia, PA

Consulting Preservationist
Schnabel Conservation
Trenton, NJ

TB Philly, Inc.,
Phoenixville, PA