St. Patrick’s Manor

St. Patrick's Manor

Project History

St. Patrick’s Manor is a medical rehabilitation center located 18 miles west of Boston. The manor is a not-for-profit facility sponsored by the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm. The well built and appealing brick structure is kept in pristine condition. The only unattractive aspect of the property were the exposed concrete foundation walls. The building had a “bagged” coat of cementitious material rubbed onto the foundation less than 10 years prior. The majority of the material was peeling and flaking off. The owners felt the foundation walls were unsightly and detracted from the look of the facility. The contractor, Michael Bocchino, had used Conpro Flex extensively, and felt this would be a good opportunity to use Flex in a creative way. Workers pressure washed the old parge off the walls, then repaired deep spalls with Conpro Set repair mortar. Plastermix was used to fill bug holes and even out the surface. Finally, Conpro Flex, in a contemporary texture, was used to provide a clean, sharp look.


Conpro Flex
Conpro Set

East Boston, MA

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