PJM Building

PJM Building

Project History

The PJM Building in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania is home to PJM Interconnection, one of the world’s largest competitive wholesale electricity markets. This square-shouldered building was once a part of the Bell Telephone switching network. Years of weathering and neglect took its toll on the exterior cast-in-place concrete building, leaving it blotchy and discolored. Architect Kling Stubbins asked Conproco to provide coating options. The overall goal was to make the building’s exterior more uniform without imparting a heavy, painted appearance. A set of oversized sample panels helped determine that the best solution would be M3P Stain. Culbertson Restoration applied two coats of M3P Stain, which provided the best balance of good hiding power with a natural appearance. M3P Stain provides permanent protection from water entry and carbonation. Also, unlike traditional paints, M3P Stain does not form a film; therefore it cannot peel, blister or flake.

M3P Stain

Kling Stubbins,
Philadelphia, PA

Restoration, Ltd.,
West Chester, PA

TB Philly, Inc.,
Phoenixville, PA