Pittsburgh Mellon Park Fountain

Pittsburgh Mellon Park Fountain

Project History

Neal Mehrenberg, Stone Mason from Marsa, Inc., chose 3 Conproco products from the Matrix family of products for the restoration of this the 14-foot-high stone fountain that is the focal point of the Mellon Park Walled Garden.  Matrix products are fully color customizable and is engineered to closely match the physical properties and surface texture of the stone being repaired. These characteristics make it the ideal product family for historical restorations of natural stone.

After using a trowel to apply Matrix to the chipped and broken stones, the surface was shaved to align with the surrounding stone. Matrix TR was used to resurface the cap stone on the fountain.  Matrix Super Fine was used to recreate missing elements of the sculptures, like the nose of a cherub.

Before After

Marsa, Inc
Pittsburg, PA