Old Montgomery Courthouse

Old Montgomery Courthouse

Project History

The Old Court House in Montgomery County, Ohio, was completed in 1850. Since that time, 14 Presidents have visited the structure and used its classic front steps as a platform for addressing audiences. The courthouse underwent several renovations during the 1900s to accommodate the flow of legal traffic. These renovations had the unintended result of dulling the impact of the original architecture. In 2000, Montgomery County and the Montgomery County Historical Society partnered to restore the building, and establish it as a civic focal point, with a budget of 4.2 million dollars. The limestone exterior had to be repaired and finished with materials which would blend seamlessly with the existing stone. Matrix was used as a repair mortar, not only for its performance and workability, but because it could be color matched on site. M3P was used for the extensive cornice repairs on the gables. The ability of M3P Stain to blend with these large sections contributed greatly to the completion of the project.


Jeff Wray
Dayton, OH

Schooley Caldwell
Columbus, OH

Restoration and
Waterproofing Co.,
Cincinnati, OH