Dallas County Court House

Dallas County Courthouse

Project History

The French chateau building that serves as the Dallas County Courthouse was constructed in 1902 and designed by two men, Willis T. Proudfoot and George W. Bird who had only one semester at the newly founded M.I.T. School of Architecture between them. Their primary guide was their extensive library of architectural books and drawings. When their firm was bankrupted by the Wichita building crash of the 1890s, they traveled in search of their fortune. Eventually, they settled in Iowa, where they built everything from funeral vaults to factories. The courthouse features a 128 foot tower, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The firm of Keffer/Overton was commissioned to oversee both interior and exterior renovations. Exterior renovations presented a challenge. Natural Bedford Limestone features a variety of hues. Weathering caused the color variation to appear even more pronounced. E & H Restoration was able to tint Matrix repair mortar in the field to blend with each patch area.