Cathy Green Building

The Cathy Green Building

Project History

The Cathy Green Building is located at 111 North Main Street in the small town of Plainwell, Michigan. Once home to the town bank, it is now filled with local shops, including building owner Cathy Green’s Bridge Street Gallery. During restorations in the 1970s a wooden roof structure was added to the building. In 2009, the decision was made to remove the wooden structure and restore the building to its original state. Many components of the building were completely destroyed during the erection of the wooden structure. To accomplish the restoration, cast stone pieces were made to replace pieces that had been destroyed. While erecting the wooden structure, the original terracotta walls were drilled through for anchoring purposes. All of those walls were “broken” and were rebuilt using Matrix.
Matrix is a repair mortar made specifically to match the appearance and physical characteristics of terracotta. M3P was applied to the newly rebuilt areas to match the rest of the building’s original terracotta