Bushnell Tower

Bushnell Towers

Project History

Bushnell Tower was constructed in 1969 as part of the Bushnell Plaza development. The apartment building was designed by Ieoh Ming Pei, famed architect and designer of the Louvre Pyramid. The luxury high-rise overlooks both Bushnell Park and the State Capitol building. The 27 story, poured-in-place concrete structure was originally designed with two towers, but the owner decided for financial reasons to build only one. It is for this reason that the building has no windows on its southern face. The tower was also the first reinforced concrete high-rise built in Hartford. Small concrete spalls were repaired, and new caulking was applied throughout the structure. Conproco’s M3P Stain was selected as a finish. M3P Stain does not form a film; therefore, it will never peel, blister or flake. M3P Stain reacts chemically with cement, providing protection from water penetration and carbonation. The owners selected M3P Stain for its natural, soft appearance. One coat of Primex was applied, followed by a single coat of stain. The results were dramatic. The building has been greatly enhanced, without altering the original aesthetic.

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