Burton School

Burton School

Project History

The Burton School was opened in 1926. Henry H. Turner, the preferred architect for the Grand Rapids School District in the 1920s and 1930s, designed it; and it was the first public school costing one million dollars to build. Matrix was chosen because color matching can be done on-site by trained applicators, eliminating sample lead times, cutting job start-up time, and any over-ordering of material. Primex, M3P and Terracotta Finish were used with the knowledge that they are fully compatible and work beautifully with the Matrix repair system. Because this was a LEED project, M3P was a great paint solution because it is a water-based, low VOC coating.


Progressive AE,
Grand Rapids, MI

Preservation Architect
+ Design,
Battle Creek, MI

Restoration, Inc.,
Kalamazoo, MI

Grand Rapids, MI