Bakersville Fire Hall

Bakersville Fire Hall

Project History

Located outside of Somerset, Pennsylvania, is the new home for the Bakersville Volunteer Fire Department. The facility is a vast upgrade from the original fire hall that was built in 1956. The new building is nearly 17,000 square feet and sits on 3.5 acres with enough parking for 143 vehicles. What made the Bakersville Fire Hall an interesting project was the use of multi-colored split face block to hold down the cost of construction. It was entirely constructed out of remnant blocks from dead inventory, closed-out stock, and overrun items. Due to the mottled appearance of the fire hall, Conpro Lastic was the product of choice because of its hiding power and waterproofing capabilities. Lettrich Group Architects-Planners, Inc., carefully selected the colors and design to enhance the appearance of the Bakersville Fire Hall. Mariani & Richards Inc., executed the application of Conpro Lastic. Bakersville Fire Hall is a fine example of how a project can succeed if all parties involved communicate from project planning to job completion.

Lettrich Group
Planners, Inc.,
Greensburg, PA

Mariani &
Richards Inc.,
Pittsburgh, PA

Tom Brown Inc.,
Pittsburgh, PA