611 E. Wisconsin Avenue

611 E. Wisconsin

Project History

Harry Weese won international recognition for his modernist design for the Washington, D.C. metro system. His futuristic outlook also fueled a desire to give older buildings new purpose. 611 E. Wisconsin Avenue sits on the shore of Lake Michigan. The low-rise building was constructed in 1964. The rebar and concrete construction that presented Weese with so many possibilities as an architect faced challenges in the Midwestern climate. Moisture had corroded the rebar, and this expansive deterioration had pushed out the concrete, creating even more opportunity for future moisture damage. Masonry Restoration, Inc. was tasked with repairing over 1800 holes in the concrete structure. Matching old aggregated concrete presents a challenge for contractors. MIMIC was selected for its ability to recreate details and maintain repair integrity. MIMIC is a durable repair mortar, allowing moisture vapor flow while simultaneously resisting weathering and freeze/thaw damage.

Restoration, Inc.,
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