Impact – Direct Applied

Restore concrete and masonry structures economically and enhance appearance by applying 1/8″ – 1/4″ of surface bonding cement directly to the existing substrate.  Surface bonding cement provides a fiber-reinforced, permanent waterproof cementitious membrane.

Structural Skin

Durable, waterproof surface bonding cement to resurface masonry substrates

One Coat

Combines scratch and brown coats of traditional stucco

Conpro Stucco

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K-88 Admix

Liquid polymer promotes better curing of cement-based materials

Provides integral color and enhanced curing to Stucco


Breathable, waterproof elastomeric coating for concrete and masonry structures

Color Coat

Ridged, breathable, economical masonry paint

Super Color Stain

Enhance natural appearance of CMU, stucco, and concrete


Mineral silicate, vapor permeable finishes in 34 standard colors and custom matching

M3P Overcoat

Mineral silicate/acrylic coating for concrete and masonry structures