NYS Lottery Players Pavilion

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Project History
The architect wanted to create a simple, cost effective and durable structure for a high traffic retail outlet in an urban environment. Concrete masonry was chosen for its cost effectiveness, speed of construction and long-term durability. The corners of the CMU were ground to a radius to avoid sharp corners. Control joints were placed to coincide with the joints of the concrete masonry substrate. The fiber reinforced base coat modified with an acrylic admixture was applied to a thickness of a 1/4 inch and finished to a true, flat plane. The basecoat was allowed to cure overnight. The acrylic based synthetic stucco was trowel applied over the base coat. The maintenance department of the New York State Fair applied all of the components of the exterior wall system. The result is an attractive, durable, fire-resistant and low maintenance structure.
Bell & Spina
Syracuse, NY
New York
State Fair,
Syracuse, NY


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