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Project History
231 Madison Avenue was constructed in 1852 for banker Anson Phelps Stokes. The freestanding Anglo-Italianate brownstone home is perhaps the last of its kind in New York City, and features additions designed by architect R.H. Robertson. Today, 231 Madison Avenue is part of The Morgan Library & Museum complex. Inside the library walls are 350,000 celebrated treasures from the collections of J.P. Morgan Sr., including: three Gutenberg Bibles, Rembrandt etchings, and the original manuscript of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Brownstone had chipped away from the structure in numerous places. Window ledges, railings, water tables, columns, decorative pieces, and a balcony edge showed considerable wear. Due to time constraints, Matrix repair mortar was selected because of the capability to match color on-site. The original profiles and shape were recreated to maintain the classic stonework and resurfaced areas of Matrix were painstakingly brought to a smooth texture with steel finishing tools.

Beyer, Blinder, Belle,
Architects &
Planners LLP,
New York, NY
The Grenadier Corporation,
Bronx, NY
Garvin Brown
Long Island City,
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