John P. Holland School

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Project History
Holland Elementary School was in dire need of help when a 20 million dollar improvement project was approved. The new design concept called for the exterior walls and windows to be removed and replaced. All spaces would be child friendly and extremely colorful. In 2004, metal panels covered with 1” of field mixed stucco were installed on the new exterior. As is common with such mixes, spider cracking began appearing throughout the facade. Testing conducted by the engineer determined that the cracking was not due to structural reasons. Striking each crack before applying a finish coat would have been extremely expensive. Conpro Lastic offered an ideal alternative. Three 15 mils coats of Lastic were applied. Lastic not only bridged minor cracking, it provided a waterproof membrane. Bright shades of the custom color matched Lastic with exterior grade pigmentation ensures that those colors will stay vibrant for years. When Principal Michelle O’ Connell saw the final results, she had only one thing to say, “I feel like I won the lottery.”

Conpro Lastic
W.T. Rich
Co., Inc.,
Newton, MA
Wiss, Janney,
Associates, Inc.,
Cambridge, MA
Waldo Bros.,
Boston, MA
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