ISR CM is a repair mortar available in 23 colors and custom color matching for poured-in-place and precast concrete.  Color matching the repair mortar to closely match the substrate results repairs that are more natural and sympathetic with the substrate.  The improved aesthetics of the repairs can eliminate the need for painting the structure.  For deep repairs ISR VO or ISR AG are fully compatible and can be used to build out the repairs to within the final inch.  This can result in a significant materials cost savings.


For more information on the ISR CM system click here
Technical Bulletin – ISR CM

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Development of ISR Technology

Other Conproco products that can be used with ISR CM

ISR VO – vertical and overhead repair mortar

ISR AG – extended with 3/8” aggregate for horizontal surfaces and deep repairs

ECB – single component, water-based acrylic anti-corrosion coating for rebar

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