I.S. 98 Bay Academy

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Project History
Public school I.S. 98 is a cast-in-place, exposed concrete building constructed in the 1960s. The school’s concrete beams and spandrels were heavily spalled, and environmental exposure had eroded cement paste from most of the concrete surfaces. After preparing the spalled areas for patching, the first step was to treat exposed rebar with ECB. Patching was then done with Conpro Set. After patching, a thin fairing coat of Plastermix cement coat was applied to all of the concrete surfaces to form an even, consistently textured substrate for coating. The last step was to apply two coats of Conpro Lastic elastomeric coating. Used in conjunction with Plastermix, the two products form an anti-carbonation layer that resists chlorides and environmental pollutants. The final result was an aesthetically enhanced and protected exterior.

Conpro Set
Conpro Lastic
Urbahn Architects,
New York, NY
S & N
Builders, Inc.,
Hempstead, NY
Garvin Brown
Long Island City,
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