Horn Towers

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Project History
The Horn Towers are the southernmost high-rise structures in Minneapolis. Originally built in 1971 on land donated by Charles Horn, the three natural concrete towers comprise an elderly housing complex of 500 units. Cracking and general deterioration occurred randomly throughout all three poured-in-place high-rises, most of which were associated with the age of the structures. Buildings Consulting Group specified MIMIC, a single component repair mortar, because it can be custom color matched and shaped to recreate architectural details. MIMIC also resists cracking, abrasion, and weathering with excellent freeze/thaw stability, and is a durable product for harsher climates.
All work was completed from swing stages. All walls were sounded to identify areas in need of repair. Over 10 – 15% of the wall surface area showed signs of damage or delaminating. Once the parent material had been removed, the customized MIMIC was placed and masterfully blended to make seamless repair work on all three buildings.

Group Inc.,
Minneapolis, MN
Systems Inc.,
Chaska, MN
Midwest Inc.,
New Hope, MN

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