Hersheypark Stadium

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Project History
Opened in 1939, Hersheypark Stadium is the most prominent outdoor venue between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. The stadium hosts very diverse events from concerts to rodeos to racing. It was important that the coating selected to refresh the appearance was respectful of the stadium’s architecture. Carbonation, a concern for any building, would be a particular concern for a venue hosting racing events. Having a low odor system was important for scheduled events. The coating also had to be highly vapor permeable, as the stadium has no roof and water intrusion was likely. Conproco’s mineral silicate system was a natural choice. Since this system does not peel, blister or flake, there was no concern that the thousands of fans streaming through the venue would abrade or damage the coating. The final result was a very natural, vibrant finish.


Houck Group, Inc.,
Harrisburg, PA


and Resorts,
Hershey, PA

TB Philly, Inc.,
Phoenixville, PA
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