Hershey Country Club Pool

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Project History
In 1903, chocolate magnate Milton Hershey began building a model community for his workers around his new factory. In 1930, he decided workers needed a place to play golf, and the Hershey Country Club was formed. This club has hosted numerous PGA and LPGA events. A heated swimming pool and an outdoor lounge offers family members a place to unwind while golfers roam the links. The integrally colored, patterned concrete around the swimming pool had faded badly and needed to be recoated. Several manufacturers’ products were sampled, but Super Color Stain HR was chosen for its penetration, UV stability and stain resistance. Houck used a hydro-demolition machine to remove a uniform amount of the cement paste and provide an open profile. They also appreciated that the product did not require the addition of acetone at the jobsite, saving time under a tight deadline. Two coats were applied, protecting against pool splash and wear, while maintaining excellent water vapor transmission.

Super Color
Stain HR
& Resorts Co.,
Hershey, PA
Houck Specialty
Harrisburg, PA
TB Philly, Inc.,
Phoenixville, PA
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