Forment® AG

Form & Pump and Form & Pour is a technique that consistently produces high quality repairs.   Some skill is required in building water-tight forms.  Once the form is tested by filling with water (when conditions permit) the repair mortar is placed.  Forment is a high-flow, self-consolidating repair mortar formulated to flow into the repair zone, with intimate contact to the substrate as well as the reinforcing steel.  This eliminates the need for multiple lifts as is necessary with hand patching. The forms must remain in place for 48 hours.  This allows for optimum curing conditions.  The over-all quality of the repair is maximized because the placement does not require the higher level of applicator skill as hand patching and the curing is more controlled.

Other Conproco Products that can be used with Forment

Conpro Start – consolident used to increase surface density of substrates by reacting with calcium hydroxide

ECB – zinc rich, single component, water-based acrylic corrosion protection for rebar

Apply: Pour or Pump into forms

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