Repoint VE

VE stands for Viscosity Enhanced.  Repoint VE is more fluid than Repoint and is formulated to be installed using a grout bag, mortar pump or grouting sponge.

Bagging is a term that describes the use of a grout bag when repointing. Bagging is a very efficient technique when used by experienced masons. Repoint VE is engineered to increase the flowability of Repoint without changing its physical properties.        

Color-matching repointing mortars by adding color in the field can produce shades of color that vary from batch to batch.  Factory blended mortars are more consistent but often require a higher minimum quantity than a project requires. Repoint can solve both issues. Repoint is a color matched repointing mortar (Type N & Type O) available in quantities from a single 50 lbs pail to unlimited skids in 50 lbs bags. 

Both Repoint and Repoint VE meet the requirements of ASTM C387 and C270.