M3P & M3P-X

Mineral silicates chemically react with any substrate containing calcium hydroxide resulting in a surface that is will not peel or blister.  Mineral silicates are highly vapor permeable finishes particularly suitable for concrete and masonry structures.         

Mineral silicate technology is formulated to be used on concrete and masonry structures because it is highly permeable, durable, color fast, with a natural finish that does not look like paint.  M3P is a self-priming system that protects concrete and masonry from water entry, carbonation and other environmental contaminants.  M3P is a perfect choice when the goal is to preserve a natural appearance and provide a naturally organic matte finish.    

M3P is a paint that can be diluted with M3P-X at various rates to change the opacity of the finish. At a dilution rate of 1:1 and higher M3P is a stain.  As a stain, M3P is effective in blending color variations of the substrate to create a more uniform appearance.         

Because of its chemistry it is important to perform color matching on the specific substrate that is to receive the product and at the specific dilution rate if any. Conproco maintains two color labs in the US, staffed by personnel who combined have over 100 years of color matching experience to help make the process as fast and foolproof as possible.