In 2007 the Navy was concerned that the repairs to concrete at their worldwide facilities were failing prematurely. The Navy established a SBIR grant, "Development of a Crack-Resistant Durable Repair Material for Navy Structures".   Conproco was selected to partner with the Navy in this 3-year research and development effort. The technology developed is termed Internal Stress Relief. 

Cracking creates a pathway for water and contaminants to enter concrete.  Water causes corrosion of the reinforcing steel.  The resulting rust is an expansive force that causes additional cracking and ultimately, failures. ISR technology minimizes failures in concrete repairs by incorporating proprietary recycled rubber aggregate in the mortar to create a relief mechanism that mitigates the propagation of micro-cracking and interconnected cracks.    

Yes. ISR VO is a hand applied mortar for use in vertical and overhead applications as well as to fill deep repairs prior to applying the final inch with ISR CM. ISR AG can also be used in deep repairs placed either by trowel or as a form and pour/pump.