Post World War II concrete structures are of an age that often requires repair and restoration. Most repair mortars are a noticeably different color from the parent concrete.   The repairs create a patchwork appearance which detracts from the overall aesthetic of the structure. Painting the structure to hide the patches is generally not an acceptable option.            

ISR CM, is a repair mortar specifically designed to match the color and texture of concrete substrates.  ISR CM provides a repair that is more natural in appearance and sympathetic to the structure. ISR CM (Color Matched) preserves the original aesthetic while eliminating the cost and maintenance issues associated with painting.  

The ISR System provides color matched concrete repairs. When installed it is cost competitive with general repair mortars. ISR CM is part of a system of ISR products.  Both ISR VO and ISR AG are compatible as fill materials for deep repairs.

ISR CM is available in 23 standard colors, at Conproco dealers and Conproco Kiosk Dealers. Custom colors are available through Conproco's two color matching facilities.             

A KIOSK dealer has the ability to do color matching at the store. They can provide quick turnaround of color samples as well as producing pails of finished product.