Deep repairs, greater than 2", call for a repair mortar with 3/8" aggregate for successful long-term performance. ISR AG is most often used for horizontal repairs in applications 2" or greater.  It is also used as a filler material for ISR CM when repairs are 2" deep or greater.      

Many repairs mortars can be extended at the jobsite.  This is labor intensive and can raise issues concerning consistency of mixes over the course of the project as well as quality of the aggregate. When possible, the use of a repair mortar produced as a factory blend with 3/8" aggregate in the mix ensures uniform and consistent product through the project.      

ISR AG is formulated to be mixed as a concrete (stiffer) and troweled into place or with higher addition rate of water for form and pour applications.  The benefit of this versatile technology is that it can reduce the number of types of repair mortars needed on a project.