Elim Lutheran Church

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Project History
Scandia is located on the eastern edge of Minnesota and prides itself as a rural community dedicated to its Swedish immigrant history. The preservation of Scandia’s Swedish heritage and buildings is an especially strong focus for the people of Elim Lutheran Church. Founded in 1854, Elim Lutheran Church is the third oldest Lutheran congregation in Minnesota. The church has used six buildings since forming. In the sixth and current building, water had seeped into pockets behind the decorative capstones of the church. Over time, the penetration became more prominent and eventually pushed pieces of the masonry from the building, leaving glaring irregularities in the structure’s exterior, and the possibility of future damage. Building Restoration Corporation suggested Matrix, a trowel applied Portland cement based repair mortar, because of its ability to be custom-matched to the color and physical characteristics of many varieties of masonry. Matrix allowed the contractor to complete the job with quick, quality work that will last.

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