Elastideck comes as a 25 lb. kit that includes 12.5 lbs. of powder and 1-1/4 gallons of Elastideck Admixture. The color of Elastideck is in the Admixture. The product can be roller, squeegee or spray applied. Elastideck can be sprayed with a carousel or rotor/stator pump. A single coat application should be a minimum of 50 mils. Two 50 mils. applications are recommended for best results. Because Elastideck can bridge minor cracking it is well suited for balconies, walkways, driveways and pool aprons. Elastideck is not recommended for commercial parking garage decks. Elastideck must always be coated with Super Color Stain for color uniformity and stain resistance. Order both Elastideck and Super Color Stain in the same color.

Apply: Spray, squeegee, roller

Resurfacer: Super Color Stain

Colors:  Available in 14 Standard Colors – See Masonry Series.




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