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Project History
The storage buildings on Dunham Road in Billerica are constructed of single-wythe block. The 12 inch CMU are a combination of split rib, split face and single score units. The buildings had previously been coated with standard exterior paint. The paint was deteriorating, and allowing water entry. Conproco recommended a cleaning and repair procedure, to be followed by the application of an elastomeric coating, Conpro Lastic, on the split rib and single score units. The split faced block would be coated with a clear water repellent, Conpro Shield M, to allow the architectural detail of the exposed aggregate to remain visible. Repair work on the first building included: mechanical removal of the existing paint, repointing, removal and repair of sealant, and installation of additional flashing. A surface primer, Conpro Point 5, was used as a conditioner, following the mechanical cleaning. Conpro Point 5 improves the adhesion of acrylic coatings to concrete and masonry surfaces, and improves coverage.

Conpro Point 5
Conpro Lastic
Conpro Shield MX
Pariseau Painting,
Brockton, MA
Charlestown, MA
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