Shield MX

Conpro Shield MX offers the deep penetration and superior waterproofing qualities normally associated with solvent-based systems. Conpro Shield MX will not etch most glass or harm vegetation. High solids content makes Conpro Shield MX ideal for both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Carefully formulated to minimize color change of natural substrates. Apply using a  low pressure spray, beginning at the bottom of the wall and working up generating a 4 – 6 inch rundown. Work to natural breaks in the structure (e.g. control joints). A single application is all that is required. Conpro Shield MX will not discolor concrete or masonry when properly applied to a clean, dry untreated substrate. Always apply a sample to determine coverage and to insure there is not discoloration from surface contaminants, excess moisture in the substrate, or from previously applied repellents.

Golden Nugget Parking Garage (12)

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