Conpro Lastic

Conpro Lastic has long been the choice of building owners who demand a superior waterproofing membrane and extended life protection.  Over the past 10 years Conpro Lastic has been the coating of choice for U.S. Embassy’s throughout Africa and the Middle East where the climate provides a true measure of ultimate performance.  Conpro Lastic is also a proven performer in climates with a high degree of freeze/thaw cycling as well as constant exposure to salts such as the pictured high-rise in Boston Harbor.  A two-coat application is required to qualify for a warranty for waterproofing.  Conpro Lastic is available in smooth and textured finish and is available in 38 standard colors plus custom color matching.

Other products used with Conpro Lastic

Conproco Plastermix – Portland cement based exterior grade seizing plaster used to fill voids, bug-holes and imperfections in concrete.

Conpro Point 5 – milky liquid applied to chalky surfaces as a pretreatment for better adhesion.

Lightweight Bloc Prep – roller applied acrylic used to improve the surface of CMU prior to application of Color Coat

Apply: Spray, brush, roller

Primer: Conpro Point 5

Resurfacer: Plastermix

Colors:  Available in 38 Standard Colors – See Designer and Masonry Series. Contact Customer Service for more information about Custom Color Matching for this product.

Texture: Smooth or Sanded

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