Color Coat

Color Coat is a versatile 100% acrylic, low VOC coating. Color Coat can be used to protect and enhance building facades, the underside of balconies and stadium grandstands; virtually anywhere concrete and masonry needs long-lasting protection.  We always recommend a two-coat application of coatings including this non-flexible masonry paint.  For best results use a ½” to ¾” knap roller.  For spraying we recommend an airless sprayer with a 0.041 to 0.047 tip.  Color Coat can be reapplied when dry to the touch.  Check Product Curing Time Guide for complete details.  Color Coat comes in both smooth and sanded textures and is available in 38 standard colors and custom color matching.

Other Conproco products that can be used with Color Coat

Conpro Point 5milky liquid applied to chalky surfaces as a pretreatment for better adhesion.

Lightweight Bloc Prep –roller applied acrylic used to improve the surface of CMU prior to application of Color Coat

Apply: Spray, brush, roller

Colors:  Available in 38 Standard Colors – See Designer and Masonry Series. Contact Customer Service for more information about Custom Color Matching for this product.

Texture: Smooth or Sanded

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