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Project History
Bryant University, founded in 1863, is one of the top business schools in the United States. Visitors are likely to be foreign dignitaries presenting lectures, busy executives taking advantage of Bryant’s development programs or recruiters from some of the nation’s top firms. The outdoor staircase leading into the Student Center exhibited signs of deterioration and was showing some exposed rebar and failing concrete, which needed to be repaired. The university had to work quickly to restore the campus’ professional appearance. The Waterproofing Company started by using bushhammers to get down to clean, sound concrete. Conpro Primer was used to provide a Velcro-like connection between the substrate and repair materials. Conpro Set was used to repair the vertical surfaces, while One Shot Ag was used to repair horizontal surfaces. Top Coat specially suited for areas facing pedestrian traffic provided a clean and skid-resistant finish, as well as added waterproofing protection.
Conpro Primer
Conpro Set
One Shot Ag

The Waterproofing Co.,
Boston, MA

Garvin Construction
Boston, MA

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