Basilica of the Assumption

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Project History
The Baltimore Basilica, the first metropolitan cathedral constructed in America after the adoption of the Constitution began construction in 1806 and was completed in 1821. In the summer of 2011 an earthquake caused considerable damage to the Basilica, the movement caused cracking in the plaster finish of the ceiling domes that covered the brick backup. Approximately 600 lineal feet of cracks ranging from hairline to 2 inches wide and from several inches to 24 inches deep were identified as needing repair. Smaller cracks were addressed by drilling ports and filling with Conproco Injection Grout, a cementitious micro-grout that is unique in that can fill cracks from hairline to 2 inches wide. For larger cracks the plaster was removed and Injection Grout was pumped into the voids in the brick backup caused by the earthquake. Some arches were reinforced with customized anchor systems to stabilize the backup the masonry in conjunction with the newly installed grout. The plasterwork was restored and recoated to complete the renewed finish.

Injection Grout
Cho Benn Holback
& Associates Inc.,
Baltimore, MD
Keast & Hood Co.,
Washington, DC
Exteriors LLC,
Cockeysville, MD
Baltimore, MD
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