Baltimore Hyatt

Project History
The Hyatt Regency, a luxury hotel attached to the Baltimore Convention Center and adjacent to
the National Aquarium, celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2016. It’s been called “the crown jewel”
of Baltimore’s newly revitalized and picturesque Inner Harbour. In anticipation of its anniversary,
hotel owners planned a two phase renovation updating its nearly 500 guest rooms and popular
public spaces in the hotel’s atrium including the main lobby and restaurant.
The concrete wall within the hotel’s bistro contained unsightly floor to ceiling rust colored water
marks. The stains on the façade were removed during the cleaning process and the wall was
pre-treated with Primex and then coated with M3P Stain to enhance the uniformity of the color.
M3P Stain is natural in appearance but comes in 34 standard colors and will not peel, blister
or flake. It resists fading and serves as a water repellent, mitigating carbonation and providing
long term protection and enhanced aesthetics of concrete, masonry and stone.

M3P Stain
Humphrey Rich
Construction Group, Inc.,
Gaithersburg, MD
Kenseal Construction
Baltimore, MD
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