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Project History
Seneca Falls was named after a group of canals that run along side the Seneca River. Over the last decade, villages along the canals have been restoring historic structures, including the Arcade Building. The canal side concrete columns and beams had been deteriorated for many years. The contractor applied ECB, an anti-corrosion coating to the cleaned reinforced steel followed by a long open time bonding agent to the substrate. Multiple repair zones were prepared then overbuilt using Conpro Set, an overhead and vertical repair mortar. This was hand applied in several lifts and shaved to the original profile. A finish coat was applied to the entire surface for protection. The upper concrete beams had severe damage and the decision was made to encapsulate the substrate with Conpro One Coat, a stucco base that combines the scratch and brown coat in one application up to 1 – 2 inches thick, followed by a cementitious stucco finish. Conpro Shield W was applied to the entire structure to prevent water penetration.

Conpro Start
Conpro Set
Conpro One Coat
Conpro Stucco
Conpro Shield W
F. G. Rayburn Mason
Contractors, Inc.,
Canandaigua, NY
Phelps Cement Products,
Phelps, NY