42 Industrial Drive

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Project History
When Conproco inspected this project, heavy water stains and considerable efflorescence were evident on the interior walls, a clear sign of water entry. The building is constructed of single-wythe block (12 inch CMU), both split face and smooth face. The previous coating did not adequately fill the pores in the block, and was peeling off and cracking. Conproco recommended a cleaning and repair procedure. Cleaning consisted of the mechanical removal of existing coating. Repairs included repointing, the removal and reapplication of sealant, and some flashing work. A surface primer for acrylic coatings, Conpro Point 5, was used to improve adhesion by consolidating the surface. The final step was the application of two coats of Conpro Lastic, a flexible and breathable elastomeric coating that bridges minor cracking and retains elasticity at low temperatures. Two coats form a weatherproof barrier, preventing water entry and forming an anti-carbonation membrane. Water entry has not occurred since the project was completed.

Conpro Point 5
Conpro Lastic
Pariseau Painting,
Brockton, MA
Garvin Construction
Charlestown, MA

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