41 Morton Street

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Project History
41 Morton Street sits at the intersection of three historic parklands that represent the largest tracts in the “Emerald Necklace”, a series of parks and waterways stretching through Boston. This condominium building was suffering from water entry through the exterior masonry walls. The walls are composed of multiple wythes of brickwork. The bricks are a variegated range, with vertical “comb mark” striations. A consulting engineer advised that a clear water repellent would be ineffective, due to the considerable number of cracks and voids in the wall. Conproco recommended a filler coat of cementitious slurry, Conpro One Shot 2C, to fill cracks and voids and form an even, watertight surface. The One Shot 2C was applied with a sponge float and worked into the substrate. Following an adequate cure, two coats of elastomeric coating, Conpro Lastic, were applied with heavy-nap 1 inch rollers. Two coats of Conpro Lastic provided the building with a flexible, breathable, waterproof membrane.

One Shot 2C
Conpro Lastic
JW Masonry
Pawtucket, RI
Garvin Construction
Charlestown, MA

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