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Project History
Beneficial Bank Place, located at 1818 Market Street, a high rise 40-story office building, built in 1974, consists of a cast-in-place, reinforced concrete frame façade. It was designed by renowned Philadelphia firm Ewing Cole and has undergone 3 renovations since being built. It stands 500 feet high and starts as a nine level parking garage topped by thirty floors of office space.
Throughout its 40+ year life, 1818 Market Street has undergone multiple renovations due to corroding rebar and spalling. All exposed rebar was treated with Conproco’s ECB, a zinc-based primer and passive barrier coating that is not a bond breaker when applied to the concrete substrate. This single component, water-based product has up to a 5 day open time making for easily application and cleanup on high rise jobs like this. Its orange color makes it even easier to inspect full coverage.
To achieve a faster set on all vertical repair areas, the contractor trowel applied Quick Shot, our fastest setting cementitious repair mortar. ISR Deck Mix was used on all horizontal applications, including long form-and-pour repairs at the parapets.

Quick Shot
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Merchantville, NJ
Joseph B. Callaghan, Inc.,
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