Top Coat

Conpro Top Coat is a two component product with 50 lbs. of powder and 1 gallon of Conpro Top Coat Admixture. Conpro Top Coat is applied as a slurry by brush, roller, sponge float or spray. A hand-held hopper gun will spray Conpro Top Coat. For large areas use a carousel or rotor/stator pump. Two 60 mils. applications are recommended for waterproofing. A second coat can be applied as soon as the first coat is dry to the touch. A broom finish is recommended in areas that may become wet and slippery. Apply Super Color Stain for color uniformity and improved stain resistance. Conpro Top Coat is suited for most horizontal traffic- bearing surfaces with the exception of commercial parking garage decks.

Colors:  Available in 14 Standard Colors – See Masonry Series.

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