ISR technology was created by Conproco in a three-year research project with the US Navy to develop a crack resistant, durable repair mortar for Navy structures.  The Navy owns a significant number of concrete structures throughout the world, primarily in marine environments. The Navy’s experience with performance of previously repaired concrete structures revealed a relatively short life for a significant percentage of the repairs.

In addition to a high-performance repair mortar the Navy required that the material to be developed was “green”, with an emphasis on maximizing the percentage of recycled materials in the design mix.

The resulting technology developed has been termed “Internal Stress Relief “(ISR).  The addition of recycled rubber aggregate creates a relief mechanism that mitigates the propagation of micro-cracking and interconnected cracks.

ISR V/O is a repair mortar for concrete in vertical and overhead applications.


Other Conproco products that can be used with ISR V/O

Conpro Primer – long-open time, single component, water-based acrylic bonding primer

ECB – zinc rich, single component, water-based acrylic corrosion protection for rebar

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